Mullaloo Beach closed again after algae bloom leaves water looking like a portaloo tank

Mullaloo Beach has been closed again today after what appears to be a return of trichodesmium, a blue-green algae that just ain’t cricket.

Locals are pointing their fingers squarely at a wastewater pipe nearby and have been concerned about the water quality for some time.

Water Corp take a contrary view and claim the bloom two weeks ago (which also resulted in the beach being closed) was caused by a combination of high temperatures and calm water. From a statement they released:

“Recent investigations show no evidence of a link between outfall at the Beenyup water resource recovery facility and an algal bloom near Mullaloo Beach”

Locals to the beach have even reported a range of symptoms after swimming in the water, even when it wasn’t resembling a succulent turdy broth.

These ailments range from itchy skin, to bacterial infections to a nasty case of the mud slides (hopefully not adding to the broth themselves after that hit).

In the meantime, certainly give Mullaz the sniff test next time you want to go for a swim.

We have reached out to Trevor but the local celebrity was too busy. A spokesfish told us that he was livid about the water quality.

Hopefully the mighty Mullaz can rise to its former glory!

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