Extreme heat alert issued for Albany after it cracks 30 again

The WA Government has added Albany to the list of heatwave warnings after the mercury in the sleeping South West city cracked a blistering 30 degrees for the second day in a row.

Residents of Albany have had to take major precautions, including putting away their Ugg boots and fleeces, to deal with the sweltering temperatures.

A WA Government spokesperson said the extreme heat in Albany could last another day before unceremoniously dropping off to a nice 20-degree weekend – what an Albany summer is all about. Adding,

“We just want Albany residents to slow down today. Clearly, anything over 25 degrees is foreign to them and we all know people can get a little crazy in the heat”

We tracked down an Albany resident who had taken the day off work – citing Albany bylaw that no one should be forced to repair potholes in such oppressive temperatures. He told The Times,

“30 degrees, gee whizz, that’s too hot to even go to the beach. It has been an ordeal trying to learn how to set my reverse cycle a non-heat setting but everyone has really banded together. That’s the thing about Albany There is always a pub full of pissheads to give you advice”

A local mechanic isn’t so lucky, with enquiries for regassing forgotton air-con units reaching fever pitch today. He’s had to put in 18 hour shifts just to keep up.

Other parts of the state have sent their thoughts & prayers to Albany in the wake of the extreme heat. We spoke to a Midland resident who expected the temperature to hit 45 today. She told The Times,

“45 with no prospect of a breeze and my aircon has been broken all summer. I thought I was hard done by but Albany is already sitting at 29 degrees at 10 am. It really puts things into perspective, you know?

It certainly does. Albany we stand with you. We hope you can get through this ripper of a day and enjoy a well-deserved cool-off when it rains on the weekend.

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