WA Couple Waiting On Bluey To Address Parenting Issue Before Making Any Rash Decisions

WA couple, Sam & Simone have decided to hold off on whether to confront their boy’s AusKick coach over not giving him a fair go until Bluey addresses the issue and gives them sufficient direction. 

Both parents admit that when it comes to decisions affecting their boy they are a “little bit reliant” on the universally acclaimed takes by perfect parents Chilli & Bandit. Sam told The Times,

“Thanks to Bluey we got our boy tested for ADHD and also no one in the house is allowed to point out my fat gut anymore. Bluey is really doing the heavy lifting around here and honestly, I just want to hear what they have to say before I go round and get in the coach’s face”

Simone agrees, stating that her “gut instinct” was for Sam to park outside the coach’s house until he got home one night and turn a hose on him until he admitted that their boy was midfield material. However, she is also waiting for Bluey, adding,

“When I think about it, I can’t see Bandit wrapping a Hoselink around an amateur Auskick coach’s neck. So maybe that wasn’t the right play. We have written to the ABC and will await their take on it. Perhaps some sort of civility is in order?”

This comes as good news to the boy who said he “didn’t like” his dad’s plan. Even going as far to say that he quite liked playing at back pocket and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Sam interjected,

“See what the coach is teaching him. If Bandit agrees with that horseshit then maybe Bluey is wrong. Back pocket? Rather see my kid play soccer”

The ABC have reached out and assured the couple they would be making an episode about heartache, acceptance and forgiveness over a AusKick coach considering your child to be a good fit for the back pocket. 

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