Pajero driver realises he was destined to drive one after learning what it means in Spanish

John, a proud Pajero driver, is feeling enlightened after an altercation on the road turned into a profound epiphany this morning.

After carelessly drifting into the left lane without any indication in the world he was met with a barrage of honking and yelling. At first, he couldn’t make out what the man was saying until he pulled up next to him at the lights. John told The Times,

“This guy was fuming and told me that it was very fitting that I own a Pajero because I drive like one. I looked at him confused but he drove off before I could extract more info. So while taking off from the light at the speed of a tortoise I checked my phone to see what Pajero meant. I actually thought I was shocked by a literal light bulb moment but I’d just gone up the rear of this i30 ha ha”

So excited, he raced home and parked across the footpath because he couldn’t be bothered waiting for this gate to open. He ran inside and loudly proclaimed he was a massive Pajero. His wife told The Times,

“Yeah, John just figured out that Pajero means wanker in Spanish. I’ve known for years but I never knew how he’d take it. Well I know now, he kept ranting about how it all made sense and that the Pajero was his spirit animal and saying that he isn’t just driving one he becomes one”

Indeed, John finally understands why he is destined to navigate life through the vantage point of a Pajero. He told The Times,

“I always suspected I was one. The signs were always there. I mean, when 80% of people you encounter in life mutter it under their breath you get an inclination. That’s OK though I own it. So next time you want to talk shit about me call me a Pajero rather than wanker. I have evolved”

To celebrate his newfound clarity, John has decided to get a Kings awning installed that he’ll use once a decade. In his words, “If that won’t have people calling me a Pajero, I don’t know what will”

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