BREAKING: Dusk, T2 Employees Brace For Impact 

To the candle & tea industries, Mother’s Day Eve is often known as red May. A day where hordes of gift-seeking offspring descend upon local shopping centres to desperately claw at whatever stock is left over. 

It’s estimated that Dusk does over 75% of its trade on Mother’s Day Eve. Mostly thanks to the unimaginative auto-pilot mode the nation’s offspring enter during this weekend. 

Similarly, T2 sees a massive spike in interest from shoppers who desperately cling to the safe blanket of tea-related presents for the one who gave them life. “Can’t go wrong”.

This is an especially heinous day for retail staff given the calibre of shopping is different from the regular seasoned campaigner. The sheer mix of volume and retail illiteracy makes it a long day for some. 

An anonymous Dusk employee told The Times,

“These people are already spewin’ they are in a shopping centre on a Saturday you can see the visceral looks of pain & disgust on their face. These aren’t shopping centre people, they are hungover louts and bottomless-brunch addicts”

Similarly, a noticeably exhausted T2 employee told The Times,

“It’s just a donut factor with a never-ending conveyor belt of inexperienced shoppers. You see them hamming up the aisles and delaying the necessary flow we need to keep up on a day like this. I think one guy didn’t actually know what tea was this morning. Kept asking if it would go in the oil infuser he just bought”

We cornered a bewildered and dazed shopper who was lost in the endless choice of T2 flavours. He had been clogging up the store for the better part of 25minutes,

“Which flavour represents my mum the best? Please just tell me, man. I’m scared and what to get out of here”

To make matters worse, the usual T2 enthusiasts aren’t going to take a day off their tea-snobbery for anything – the result is the kind of tension one normally wouldn’t associate with a tea store. 

Although, what Dusk & T2 employees face today is nothing on what the flower vans are in for tommorrow. Absolute mayhem.

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