BREAKING: The Undertaker to face Perth Stadium’s pitch in ultimate WWE showdown

WWE Champion The Undertaker will take on Perth’s toughest nut when he comes to the City for the wrestle bonanza.

The Dead Man apparently couldn’t stop watching the test from Day 3 after hearing something from Perth was leaving blokes battered and bruised.

To his shock, it wasn’t a man but a length of grass that has baked in the hot Perth sun over the past 4 days. It now has more cracks than a plumber’s convention.

A spokesperson for The Undertaker told The Times,

“Does this pitch think it’s tougher than The Undertaker? No chance, the Dead Man will show this pitch who is boss. He is keen to meet the pitch in the ring in a special event”

Many wrestling analysts have cautioned the legend from biting off more than he can chew. Noting that the harsh Perth pitch has made light work of some very experienced operators. Adding,

“Seeing elite batsman like Smith, Kuwaja Labuschagne and the Bison get battered by the pitch is concerning. Not to mention the slaughter it’s currently doing on the Pakistan batters”

Naturally, the Dead Man is defiant and promises to kick its arse.

Only time will tell!

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