Woman kicked out of Scarborough Sunset Markets for not recording an “everything I ate at” TikTok video

An ugly scene erupted at the Scarborough Night Markets last Thursday after failing to adhere to contemporary night market protocol.

A witness at the night market told The Times that there is a very clear unwritten rule that if you aren’t some foodie influencer wannabe you have no place at the food Mecca. Adding,

“It was quite sickening to see this lady just living in the moment. Eating a few tasty snacks and soaking in the atmosphere”

Another witness was equally as scathing on the young lady’s conduct, telling The Times,

“If she really deserved to be there she’d be eating everything cold after making sure the angle and lighting were perfect. You can’t waste that first bite shot or you’ll have to buy another serving!”

We managed to speak to the woman who was still embarrassed about the eviction. She has since taken an online course in TikTok influencing and has vowed to not repeat the mistakes of the past,

“I understand my actions have hurt people. If people who didn’t go to the market don’t know what I ate then why did I even go? Why am I not forcing myself to be an unpaid conduit for advertising in the hopes of trying to leverage the exposure of a 1k following for a free dinner?”

We understand the now budding influencer will be attending the South Perth food truck event later this week to prove she has what it takes to attend food festivals.

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