Former Kuta Warrior Ready To Transition To Canggu Tatt Guy After Meeting His “Queen”

Dyeman, a former Bali bogan and general menace to society is ready to hang up his Kuta boots after meeting his “Queen” at a car photoshoot in the south of Perth.

It was love at first pipe and after a 48 hour first date, Dyeman declared his queen his “ride or die”. So naturally, the conversation quickly turned to their first trip to Bali together – to make it official. We spoke to Dyeman who told us,

“I got responsibilities now and that, can’t be running around Kuta running amok, got my queen to look after. She’s gone and booked a villa in Canggu that we’re going hang around tattoo parlours and take photos of each other and that” 

It’s truly an incredible transformation. Especially given Dyeman repeatedly referring to himself as the King of Kuta in his past 50 trips to the island. We spoke to his former wingman who said he’s lost a soldier, adding,

“Normally he’d be preparing for a Bali trip with extra drinking to get his tolerance up but now he’s just going harder on the roids and saving all his money for another shitty tatt to add to his sleeve. Says he’s somebody now”

We managed to speak to his queen, Jennyfur who said she was proud her man could leave behind his life of Poppies Lane and backpacker poon. Adding,

“He knows he won’t be able to afford our matching chest tattoos of each other’s name if he has to pay his usual bribes for smashing on outside a Kuta nightclub. I asked him if he was serious about being my king and he said I’ll be the only one getting his dick wet from now on. He’s romantic like that”

The pair will depart from Bali shortly. Whether Dyeman can keep his word and truly become the Canggu tatt-ape of her dreams is another story. 

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