Office Manager Fears For Job After AI Software Taught To Write Passive Aggressive Notes No One Reads

Eventually, AI will come for all of our jobs. Some sooner than others as an office manager in a mid-sized West Perth firm learned today after being left with shivers down her spine.

At approximately 8:30 am, Cynthia was called into the bosses office to be told AI Software had been able to perfectly replicate everything she does in a day and she was asked to justify why they should keep her on payroll. But how did it come to this?

A couple of the younger staff had been goofin’ around on ChatGPT and got the AI program to smash out some passive-aggressive office notes that no one will acknowledge in the slightest. Needless to say, the program excelled at the task. 

We spoke to one of the staff members involved in the experiment. They said they weren’t sure if AI could capture the meaningless void of pettiness & pedantry shown by their office manager. She told The Times,

“At first the program was churning out some pretty mid-tier passive aggression. Stuff like please wash your cups or any unlabelled food will be thrown out without warning. We thought, meh, it was good but it wasn’t great”

After just 45 minutes, however, the program began to fully understand its brief was pumping out some absolute textbook office manager bullshit. A staff member involved told The Times,

“Out of nowhere the program pumped out some bangers. My favourite was a note asking people to refrain from having their phones on vibrate because the vibrations are bothering some staff. Oh, and another said that there had been complaints about the brightness of your top today and all staff are expected to maintain a pastel status quo”

We understand Cynthia is now going through the office with a fine tooth comb looking for creative ways to break company morale via the art of a passive aggressive note that no one will read. Good luck Cynthia. More on office managers HERE.

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