Clive Palmer beaches himself! (Superyacht runs aground off Singapore)

In some uplifting news, Clive Palmer’s garish superyacht has run aground off Singapore yesterday and remains stranded in the shallow waters.

While this wasn’t technically a beaching it is much funnier to have that imagery in your head as you think about the billionaire’s little corporate shmoozefest being cut short by a nautical disaster.

Check it out below:

With any luck it has sustained enough damage to sink and no doubt sinking a luxurious vessel would fill the man who literally built a replica Titanic with joy.

The superyacht is named Australia and in news that will distress readers, contains a jacuzi that the mining magnate uses to entertain guests.


We can report that Clive is trying to figure out a way to sue Western Australia for the incident. He also seeks to hold Mark McGowan personally responsible.

Good luck Clive.

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(Photo credit: 9 news)

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