Clive Palmer buys every seat to James Cameron’s Perth show to pester him about the Titanic

Perth punters hoping to meet legendary director James Cameron have been dealt a harsh blow after it was revealed Clive Palmer had bought every single seat.

It’s believed that the mining magnate and High Court pest intends to spend the duration of the show peppering the Titanic director with questions to help him with his 3rd crack at building a replica Titanic.

We spoke to a source close to Clive who told The Times,

“Cameron is known to be a very thorough director and researches his topics extensively. He would no doubt be somewhat of an expert on the Titanic and Clive is very much not an expert as can be seen with his failed attempts at reconstructing the iconic, ill-fated vessel”

We can report that upon hearing the news, Cameron rolled his eyes and muttered words not fit for an Oscar speech. A source close to him told The Times,

“James Cameron is coming to talk about his new exhibit at the Maritime Museum about exploring the deep. He’s very passionate about it and obviously isn’t thrilled the event has been hijacked by a pest wanting to build a garish replica for god knows what reason but the show must go on”

As it turns out, Clive didn’t even need to buy every seat to get his wish. We surveyed a group of Cameron fans who unanimously agreed that if Clive was even there they’d rather not attend the event.

Classic Clive.

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