Tasmanians warned of culture shock as they travel from 1970 to about 1995 for the Sheffield Shield in WA

The handful of Tasmanian cricket fans have been warned to prepare for a culture shock as they make their pilgrimage from their island to the mainland of Western Australia.

A populace used to the frills & razzle-dazzle of the 1970s will have to prepare for a futuristic experience of WA’s healthy 1995 feel.

We spoke to a Tasmanian who said he felt like he was in an episode of The Jetsons after looking at photos of the metropolis,

“Wow, they got trains and everything. Bit fancy for us Tassie folk. Our local Post Office just got a document scanner, you used one of them? Bloody hell, what will they think of next?”

Yep WA sure does have trains and one from the airport too. Not only that but Tasmanians will be exposed to some strange and exotic cuisine such as Taco Bell.

Another Tassie cricket fan told The Times,

“Gee whizz, I hope they still have front bars with mixed grills. Just like my father & grand father, the only thing I’ve eaten in 30 years is a mixed grill and fish and chips. Not sure about all these fancy Western Australian delicacies like Red Rooster and Chicken Treat”

The WA Government has warned all Tasmanians to take it all in slowly and if they feel overwhelmed to take a trip to Morley to feel more at home.

Tasmanians are also reminded that there is no ride-on mower rental service as they are not permitted on our roads.

Bring on the Sheffield Shield.

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