Thousands Of Fishos Descend On Denmark Hoping To Snag A Few Lines After AFP Find

News that a small plastic-wrapped package containing blow had washed ashore in Denmark has sent WA’s fishing community into a frenzy. With thousands descending on the South West town for their chance to snag a few lines, if you catch their drift. 

Police have urged the fiendish anglers to relax and not touch any contraband should they come across it. A spokesperson for the AFP told The Times,

“Possession is possession. Don’t think that just because you found the stuff means you can’t be charged for having it on your person. We are hearing reports the waters from Denmark to Peaceful Bay are being absolutely trawled”

Naturally, this advice is being ignored as the hordes do their best to locate a coupla couplas to snort up and have a gum rub. We spoke to a fisherman who said he was the king of the snag, adding,

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“If there’s anyone who can snag a line it’s me. They are out there and I want them. Daddy wants. The only problem is there is a lot of competition. Seems the WA fisho population likes to party”

Of course, not everyone is having that good a time. With one particularly grizzled fisherman mistaking some common sea salt for the magic substance and attempting to do a line off a dolphin’s blowhole. 

“He got tail slapped pretty hard, dirty old perve”, a witness told The Times. Nevertheless, good luck to all fishos out there. 

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