AFP Suspects More Blow Is Out There After Whale Is Observed Switching Usual Song For Darude Sandstorm

The AFP released a statement today stating that they believe there could be more coke floating around the South West after reports a local whale was heard ditching its usual haunting song for something a bit more uptempo. 

This comes after large quantities of coke were discovered in the general Denmark area. Over 300kg has been discovered however this latest development has raised further questions. 

We spoke to a marine biologist who was listening to the whales as part of a research program. What she heard shocked her,

“We are trying to figure out what whale songs mean. However, when we heard the enormous mammal start busting out the 1999 club banger we knew exactly what it meant. It meant that the big feller was absolutely charging. It didn’t take us long to make the connection”

Not only was the majestic beast heard perfectly replicating the beat of Sandstorm but it was observed the creature was grinding its teeth and showing no interest in eating plankton. All very clear signs that this whale was partying. 

The AFP has put out a warning to all marine life that they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they are caught hiding any packages from them. 

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