Cook whacks a donga outside Parliament House to establish a WA Embassy In Canberra

Roger Cook has boldly progressed with plans to establish a WA Embassy in Canberra by plonking a mining donga right outside Parliament House.

He addressed the media today saying that the donga can only be accessed by official Westralian personnel and will be manned at all times, adding,

“The WA Embassy in Canberra is about making sure WA interests are looked after. If they have a problem with that they can meet one of your representatives outside the donga at tools down”

Naturally, there will be a strict dress code enforced in the donga. Requiring all officials to have a pair of boardies or a HiVis shirt on. Wearing both is encouraged but not strictly enforced. He continued,

“We want the Embassy to have a wet mess kind of feel. Where ideas flow freely and no one is afraid to speak their mind – to that end there will be no limit on how many froffs you can have. I also have plans to establish a Balinese-themed outdoor space for our delegates in the future. They have to feel comfortable while defending the great nation of Westralia in Parliament”

Many have criticised the plan. Wondering why we need a State Embassy in our own country and further wondering isn’t that what our MPs and senators are for. A source close to the Cook Government told The Times,

“Westralia is a different country. If you don’t realise that then you’ve been living under a rock. A rock we probably bloody mined ha ha ha. So nah, it’s not stupid, it’s what every other sovereign nation does. Got a problem with that, mate?”

Cook also told The Times that he has plans to establish WA Embassies all over the world. By that, he means in Bali.

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