Midvale to finally become a tourist destination with giant statue of Nic Nat planned

Footy fans all over Australia have woken up to the exciting news that the legendary ruckman Nic Nat will be immortalised in statue form in his home suburb of Midvale. Not only a nod to his greatness but a nod to Midvale as the next big thing in tourism.

The statue will stand over 20 feet tall and at this stage will either be plonked on top of the HJ’s if the Eagles sponsors get their way or on Bushby Street where he grew up. A spokesperson for the City of Swan told The Times,

“It’s about time Midvale staked its claim as a hospitality hot spot. The entire area has been struggling since Chooks pulled out of Stratton and that Youtuber shitcunt Logan Paul didn’t do much for the area when he pussed out of his meet & greet”

Tourists will get the opportunity to visit the statue and then enjoy other Nic Nat-related attractions. Including getting the chance to kick a footy on the hallowed turf of mighty Midvale Jnr Footy Club.

Tourists are also encouraged to share a few drinks at the Dingo Brewery and then have a go on the “Nic Nat simulator” – which is mostly just a big guy with dreads standing outside. For $10 you get to pull his dreads in a tackle and then get to see what happens. Warning: you’ll have to sign a waiver for that thrill ride.

We spoke to some locals who were happy to have the great man honoured but weren’t sure opening up Midvale to the masses was the best idea. One telling The Times,

“We don’t get a lot of tourists in Midvale. We’re not like Guildford. It’s a bit grittier down here. Just fix your staring problem before you come or you may find yourself at the wrong end of a particularly aggressive burnout”

We spoke to one resident in particular who made it clear that HE was the Tapout king of Midvale and not Nic Nat. Adding that he doesn’t wear the shorts for “show”. Ok buddy.

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