Kalamunda Parents Forbid Daughter’s Blossoming Romance With Boy From Down The Hill 

A Kalamunda family has been torn apart after Kaleigh admitted she had partaken of the forbidden fruit of the High Wycombe riff-raff. 

In a heated argument over the best location to build the proposed $60M pool & leisure centre, Kaleigh cracked the shits and told them she was going to stay with Jyemond.

When pressed, she admitted she had been seeing a High Wycombe boy named Jyemond for several weeks after meeting at an equally forbidden Sunday sesh at the Wiki. 

Kaleigh’s father Barry was beside himself while her mother, Chanelle had to take a seat after hearing the news. Barry told The Times,

“Some things are just unnatural! Kaleigh should meet a good boy from up the hill and bond over strict adherence to shire bylaws and sustainable organic micro-agriculture. Not “do nangs” in a Commodore outside some Wiki den of miscreants!”

It was truly a story of Romeo & Juliet, providing Romeo had a permanent bucket bong set up in his laundry. As the argument went on Kaleigh hurt her parents in ways they never knew she could. 

Kaleigh told The Times,

“I told them I saw Jyemond MC at a Forrestfield house party and he was going to be more successful than them by a long shot. Looking back on it, I think I may have taken several years off my dad’s life”

Barry was nursing a middie of his organic guava homebrew. Working up the courage to speak,

“Forrestfield. House party. Aussie hip hop. You do everything you can as a father to protect your little girl from these things but obviously, I hadn’t done enough. This is why we had Zig Zag closed”

Accordingly, Kayleigh has been told she will be struck out of the will should she continue this relationship with Jyemond – sometimes stylised as Jye with a diamond as his “tag” when he goes painting.

Jyemond admitted he was also shocked that he found love with a girl up the hill but believes it can work. Telling The Times,

“I know they look down on us at times but there’s no hill I wouldn’t ascend for her. I recorded a sik freestyle that I want to send to her folks that explains my love for her”

Jyemond has been advised that under no circumstances should he send that recording. 

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