Country menace about to risk it all at his neighbouring property’s secret marron spot

Photos of Marron flooding social media as the season starts have given Rooster the motivation he needs to launch one of his infamous raids on his neighbour’s special spot.

He knows the stakes are high, especially after getting caught last time and having two warning shots fired in his general direction.

Nevertheless, the threat of severe bodily injury won’t deter a man like Rooster. He told The Times,

“I got a fever and the only prescription is fresh Marron. His little water hole is always full of the good stuff, way more than he could ever eat so I do him a favour, that’s how I see it”

Alas, Rooster’s neighbour doesn’t quite see it that way and made it clear that Rooster was cruising for a bruising if he sees him sniffing around his spot. Adding,

“What people don’t realise is that Rooster used to be me mate. We’d go hunting together and after one too many bush chooks I shared my secret spot with him. Thinking we were mates. Well, who did I catch there the very next day filling his boots? The dog”

Rooster tried to be diplomatic and offered his neighbour a night with his cousin-wife to atone for his sins but when he said he’d rather root Rooster’s prize pig it turned personal.

Rooster is a lot of things but a bad pig owner isn’t one of them. So to hear his pride & joy be degraded in that way lit a fire in the country menace. From that day he vowed to raid the living shit out of that marron spot.

We asked Rooster if he had any advice for a budding marron thief and he told us,

“Yeah, use someone else’s boat if you’re going for the usual spots ha ha. Fisheries will take it off you. I’ve had 2 tinnies taken off me, would you believe it?”

Good on’ya Rooster.

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