Rockingham man proposes to his “partner-in-crime” with diamond ankle monitor

A romantic Rocko boy has found a novel way to express his love & lifelong dedication to his literal partner-in-crime.

Instead of the usual diamond ring, Jailux thought he’d pick something that better sums out their turbulent relationship – a diamond for his misso’s ankle bracelet that she has to wear as part of her bail conditions for a stiletto related incident.

We understand that Jailux, who also is required to wear an ankle bracelet for extortion charges, invited his queen out to the backyard for a romantic picnic.

That’s when Jailux got down on one knee and popped the question to Savvibee. She told The Times,

“He looked me in the eyes and asked me if I’d be his ride-or-die and I said yeah! He even said it was because I was a good root and not because a wife can’t be compelled to give evidence against her husband in court”

Jailux then slide the specially made brace with the diamond over her ankle bracelet and waited to see if it set off any alerts that could severely impact their current freedom.

Confident the brace didn’t stop the transmission of the device, Jailux and Savvibee lost themselves to the throes of passion right on top of their Red Roota family meal! Chicken and potato & mash going everywhere.

We asked Jailux if he was worried that Savvibee would take the bracelet off once she was no longer required to lawfully wear it. He laughed,

“Nah, we’re always getting into naughty little indictments together. Check mine out, I’ve got a bloody bracelet tan because I wear one so much! She’s no different that’s why we work ay”

Undoubtedly a romance story for the ages.

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