Respectful Tradie Gives a Courtesy Flush Before Destroying Customer’s Toilet 

Taelor has gone above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service today after he spared a family some of the carnage from his little toilet session by administering a courtesy flush after the initial assault. 

Now, no one is denying that Taelor absolutely destroyed that toilet. However, his actions to mitigate some of the horrors is the reason why the family always calls him up for their repair needs. The mother of the house told The Times,

“It’s the little things that count. I went to shield my daughter’s ears after the first power-shart but to my surprise, the toilet flushed. We can only imagine the mayhem that followed those few seconds and we thank the lord we were spared it”

We spoke to Taelor who believes treating customers’ toilets properly was the cornerstone of his business model. He told The Times,

“Been on the bourbon & cokes for about a week straight mate. Not to mention Roota every day. I knew what I was harbouring and I couldn’t let this sweet little family experience the lot. I actually gave it two courtesy flushes because the smell was making me gag. You know it’s rough when that happens”

The father of the house slipped Taelor an extra pineapple for his efforts but not before dive tackling his son into the ground to prevent him from entering the toilet next. He told The Times,

“A good tradie can be hard to find and we’re very happy with Traelor. It was a close call though, I think we would’ve lost our son if he’d opened that door. Taelor had given us specific instructions to give it 10 and you always do what a good tradesman says”

We can happily report that the site was quarantined for at least 30 minutes before another life form entered. You did good Tae, you did good.

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