Dave gutted to learn Freo HJ’s closed down after Foo Fighters landed in Perth yesterday

Dave Grohl has openly wept after learning things have changed in Perth since the Foo Fighters were last here in January 2018.

Little did Dave know but at the end of 2018 his favourite Perth eatery, Freo Hungry Jacks, sadly closed its doors. A source close to the charismatic frontman told The Times,

“Dave knows a thing or two about rock ‘n roll and Freo HJs was everything the rock ‘n roll lifestyle encapsulated. It was a lawless establishment where he could truly express himself”

It turns out Dave had been planning to launch a double Whopper with cheese at the new drummer and long-time mate Josh Freese to “give him a true taste of Perth”.

Sadly, he’ll have to make do with William St HJs which has a slightly more menacing feel to it.

We understand to cheer him up, one of the band members suggested they all head to Kelmscott Sizzler. Another one of Dave’s favourite haunts.

Alas, the cruel scythe of time had dealt a similar blow to that iconic destination. A source close to the band said Dave was starting to get pissed off. Adding,

“You have to understand, Perth is a long way for a band to travel and Dave is hearing nothing but bad news while he’s here. God, I hope he doesn’t want to hit Blockbuster to hire out Tekken 3. Actually, come to think of it, I reckon half of Peth has a copy of Blockbuster’s Tekken 3 that they haven’t returned”

We managed to catch Dave as he took in the sights of Perth. He ominously told The Times,

“Look man, I’m a little heartbroken at the moment but I know Fast Eddy’s will never let me down. I’m going to have the Cop-The-Lot Burger and then I’m going to have a little drunken wrestle with my boy Josh”

We didn’t have the heart to tell him.

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