REPORT: new South African bloke at work really needs to stop calling everyone “boy”

It would appear the honeymoon period is over for a Perth office as several employees have had an absolute gutful of the new Saffa bloke calling them “boy” in conversation. 

Cracks started to form just 3 hours into John commencing his new position at the Perth-based office. His coworker Jason said he was greeted by John with an aggressive handshake and “rough” bit of small chat. He told The Times,

“I don’t even know if he was trying to be rude but the first thing he said to me was, ‘ah my boy, you must show me where the Nespresso pods are right now’ man, he sucks”

Similarly, Alex was barely able to withstand a 10 minute chat with John over lunch. Alex recounted his experience,

“He was gnawing on some Stokkies in the kitchenette when he spotted me. Asked me if I followed the cricket. I wish I’d said no. He launched into a 10 minute rant about how the Proteas were going to wipe the floor with us in December. When I argued he referred to me as boy and listed every reason I was wrong”

Amazingly, John even referred to his direct superior as “boy” in a spirited discussion about the photocopier. However, John denies he’s done anything wrong. He told The Times,

“Right, listen to me now boy, this is how I talk! If they can’t handle that then go jump in the bush! I’m used to people leaving the room when I enter anyway”

However, everyone else takes a contrary view. Especially Simmo who said if that Saffa bloke calls him boy one more time he’ll shove some of those stokkies up his southern cape hole.

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