Dutton tells WA that a “Yes Vote” will mean the cows won’t know when to get milked

Opposition leader Peter Dutton has been accused of taking advantage of the misinformation shitstorm surrounding the referendum to make some rather bold claims. Claims he no doubt believes will swing the no vote in the State of Western Australia.

Talking to a Liberal Party function on the weekend, Dutton urged Western Australians to consider the impact a “yes vote” would have on the State’s cows and their daily routine of knowing when to get them teats ready. An insider told The Times,

“It’s the perfect environment for it. You tune into the mainstream media and they are just peddling any old bullshit to try and muddy the waters. Looks like Dutto just dropped a massive Yogo dirt dessert of his own”

The ALP has condemned the opposition leader’s comments and has assured Western Australia that the referendum has nothing to do with the milking schedule of cows. He also preemptively assured the voters that the vibrancy of their curtain shade would not be dampened. A spokesperson for the ALP told The Times,

“This is just classic Liberal fearmongering. Now we have to spend half our week in rural WA explaining the impact the referendum will have on the dairy industry. We don’t have time for this!”

Nevertheless, some voters aren’t convinced. We spoke to an FB no campaigner who takes his message to the comment section of any article regardless of its relevancy to the issue. He told The Times,

“My kids don’t know when to go to bed as it is, let alone if indigenous people have enhanced representation in parliament. Not a risk I’m prepared to take”

Political analysts have declared the opposition leader’s tactics to be underhanded but a “stroke of genius”. Saying he certainly knew his way around sinking a referendum in WA.

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