Dockers Man Tells Eagles Supporting Son He Loves Him In Epic April’s Fools Day Prank

A staunch Freo Dockers-supporting dad hasn’t wasted the opportunity to prank his son today after he called round to the boys home and told him he was proud of him and loved him. 

He rocked up at about 8:35 this morning when the Eagles’ supporting son was getting ready for a day of light gardening. He told The Times,

“Yeah, so I got my annual visit from dad this morning and instead of asking me whether I’d rethought my life, he said he loved me. At first, I thought he’d been on the sauce but it was a bit early. I teared up a little and said I loved him back and that’s when he just started pissing himself laughing”

The elated father reportedly laughed so hard he almost began choking. His son continued,

“After about 5 minutes of choking and laughing and what have you, he told me that he’d got me good. I had been the victim of an epic April Fool’s Day prank. He repeated that I’m still dead to him and the betrayal that he can’t forgive still stands. We had a good laugh”

His wife said it was the happiest she’d seen the man since the mid-2000’s era Eagles turmoil. Adding,

“He was red in the face and full of boisterous joy, I was sitting right next to them but asked me if he heard the boy fall for his prank hook, line & sinker. I told him it was a very nice prank, dear”

We spoke to the father, who was regaling his friends with the prank over a coffee, he told The Times,

“Normally I tell my mates that the boy lives overseas or joined a cult or whatever. In many ways he has. An Eagles supporter. In my bloodline? People start asking questions about how I raised the boy. I just can’t forgive him but I got him good today”

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