WA Voted Best Wet Weather Drivers In the Country

Western Australian motorists have been rightfully recognised as the best drivers in wet conditions in a recent survey conducted by Australia’s leading insurance companies. 

Companies such as Allianz, QBE, and Australian Seniors teamed up with emergency services units across the country to get a full picture of who masters the art of driving on roads after a little bit of precipitation. A spokesperson for the joint venture told The Times, 

“WA smoked it in. No other State was even close. What we saw from the data is that wet roads at a blank canvass that the WA motorist paints their masterpiece on. Absolutely competent driving from all parties, all the time”

WA Emergency Services couldn’t agree more. Telling The Times,

“It’s a common misperception that lunatics giving it too much around a corner is reckless behaviour in the wet. In actual fact, they play an important role in letting us know which power poles need to be replaced anyway. Just another great service WA drivers provide in the wet”

We took to the streets to break the news to WA motorists and see how they felt about taking out the top honour. 

Beryl is a wet weather accelerator dodger and welcomed the news as vindication that her style is now nationally acclaimed,

“It’s good to be recognised for your hard work. I always suspected the honking and one finger gestures from motorists behind me were actually congratulatory in nature. This proves it. If anything, I’ll shave another 20kph off my Freeway speed so we can stay at top spot”

The news comes as a fantastic omen to WA’s chances of taking out top spot in the world’s most respectful merging survey to be conducted globally this week. 

A spokesperson for Main Roads told The Times,

“We are an absolute shoe-in. I can’t think of a day where we don’t watch the monitors to see motorists merge in perfect harmony with each other. Lots of courtesy waves and absolutely no incidents of Ford Ranger drivers getting out of their vehicles and tearing off car antennas”

Well done WA, something to be proud of. 

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