Englishman fails CAPTCHA tests after failing to identify images with a winning team in them

English bloke Barry has been driven to the point of madness after repeatedly failing a CAPTCHA test when it prompted him to identify images with a winning cricket team in them.

Each time, he madly clicked on various images of the English cricket side who have had a big year of moral victories. He told The Times,

“It’s bollocks, I’m sat here like a pillock trying to access my account and it keeps prompting me to try again. Explain to me in what world the English men’s cricket side didn’t win the 2023 Ashes?”

It appears the man also had clicked on the men’s 2023 World Cup ODI side. Which similarly returned a failed test to the confusion of Barry. He continued,

“Didn’t you see what they were doing out there? They were letting the world win! England can’t have all the success all the time and like true winners, they were sharing it around. In what world is that considered LAST PLACE?”

To settle down, Barry contacted both Joe Root and Piers Morgan who are currently going door to door to every British home to assure them that they have continued their winning streak.

Piers was happy to respond to Barry and assured him that when the world clearly steals England’s patented bazball style of cricket perfection it’s essentially a null & voided competition. Barry continued,

“Piers told me that England won the World Cup on the basis of every team being disqualified for knicking bazball. We invented aggressive batting with an emphasis on boundaries in our victorious 2023 Ashes campaign”

Moreover, it appears that the Aussies have taken over the CAPTCHA corporation and are filling it with misinformation, claimed Morgan. It makes perfect sense.

Needless to say, Barry has decided to remain locked out of his account rather than select teams that took immoral victories over England throughout the year.

Good on ya, Barry.

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