eScooter Hire Enthusiast Realises He Could’ve Bought One For The Same Amount He Spent In A Coupla Days

A Perth man has been so caught up in the madness of jumping on a clunky eScooter that he didn’t realise the economics of his hobby. After reviewing his account after just one week of moderate use he realised he could just about afford to buy one of the hunks of shit. 

Greg lives and works in the city so he took a shine to the hirable eScooters to get to work faster, zoom down for some groceries or just feel the sweet eScooter air in his hair as he made hearts melt up and down the Terrace. He told The Times,

“Yeah, I just thought, 51c a minute that’s fuckall. Except after a few hours a day zooming around on them it added up pretty quickly. I should’ve looked into a pass or yeah, just bought one from Bunnings”

It seemed nothing could rein in the man’s desire to scoot and regrettably lost himself to a sunny Sunday. Clocking in a total of 5 hours over the day. He told The Times,

“$150. FML. Why am I like this? I just couldn’t give up the feeling of knowing every girl out in the city wanted a slice. I mean, can you blame them? Lock up your daughters”

Alas, Greg’s rampant scoot spree has dwindled his savings. He’s now not able to afford a brand spankin’ eScooter so will be forced to get his fix with dribs & drabs of the expensive hire service. An industry expert said that’s how they get ya. Adding,

“A classic case. Get ‘em hooked but make sure they can’t cut out the middle man and buy their own. You’d expect a case like Greg to suckle from the escooter teat for some time. If the council bans them then it could be quite disastrous for the man”

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