Perth Man Seflessly Washes His Car Yesterday To Ensure We Get A Nice Downpour Today

A Perth man has selflessly taken one for the team and performed the tried & tested rain dance to ensure the City gets some much-needed precipitation today. 

He said he made the decision to wash his car because 9 times out of 10, it’ll rain just moments after finishing the polish. He told The Times,

“Look, we got some light rain this morning but I really wanted mother nature to pop a squat and unload all she has on us. It’s a perfect time for the gardens and I think a couple of farmers will be pretty stoked too”

The radar shows a little bit of rain passing but not enough to satisfy the hero’s desires. He told The Times,

“I want that car to look absolutely shithouse. I want torrential rains. I want the full force of King Neptune destroying my gutters. So to make sure of it, I have taken another one for the team and decided to wash my bedsheets – and you better believe I don’t have a dryer”

Some in the community are struggling to comprehend the man’s selfless act. Saying that they are blown away by his sacrifice. A member of a local weather page told The Times,

“Soggy sheets and a dogshit looking car exterior. It’s almost guaranteed to pour down with so much on the line. Excuse the pun”

True to form, we should expect a solid 10mm any time now. 

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