Even Truckie Who Triple Bangs Dares Wouldn’t Touch Logan Paul’s Prime Energy Drink

A seasoned truckie who knows his way around the iced coffee section of the local servo reckons Logan Paul’s caffeine saturated Prime energy drink is a bit silly and has vowed to not seek out the drink that is available via resellers online. 

Prime Energy has double the legal amount of caffeine permitted in a drink that can be sold in Australia so luckily, people who don’t value their heart much will have to go to the extra effort of getting it online. 

Having a quick honk on the glass kazoo before washing it back with a big swig of Dare, the truckie told The Times,

“You gotta go easy on the caffeine mate. Can’t be smashing too many uppers at once or you’ll get the scaries. Last time I got the scaries I accidentally rammed Baysie Bridge up her clacker ha ha ha”

Indeed, Logan Paul has shown how much his fans mean to him by producing a drink that makes Red Bull look like a sedative. A source close to Logan told The Times,

“Logan thinks that kids are move likely to be fooled into crypto scams if their minds are racing on caffeine-riddled sugary shit. He sincerely hopes they don’t OD from it but if they do he’d appreciate it if you could send a few photos of the body in for content”

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