REPORT: Public Transport Centre’s Mother Says He Looks Very Handsome

Perth’s Public Transport Centre has lived a Quasimodo-esque existence. Hiding in the depth of East Perth. Trying to avoid the public eye because of the cruel subjectivity of beauty. 

However, the Centre’s mother has some kind words for the brutalist icon – you are a very handsome young man. Go as far to ruffle the top of the centre and look lovingly into the cold, dark windows of its soulless standing.

Sources close to the Centre say this was just the ego boost the centre needed to get on with business today. Adding,

“Yeah look, not everyone be as cool as the Next DC building nearby. Or as timelessly beautiful as 108 St Georges when it had the Bankwest logo on it. After all, the PTC is a functional building. However, it helps to not feel like a bag of smashed crabs every now and then”

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Before this comment, the PTC was forced to take solace in the fact that nearby Curtin House shared much of the ugliest building in Perth load. Also maintaining that RAC Arena is a cruel abomination in its own right. 

Nevertheless, PTC feels every single chill it sends down the spine of Prospector commuters as they roll into Perth. One such commuter told The Times,

“I know it doesn’t mean to scare children but it looks like the exact sort of building that you’d cop a waterboarding or some other soviet like fate. I guess it’s kind of cute if you squint your eyes, with rose tinted glasses through a mother’s eyes. Maybe”

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