Freo Supporter Scrapes Off “Flagmantle” Tatt After A Pre Season and Round 1

A passionate Flagmantle supporter has absolutely cracked the shits today after his beloved team failed to secure a first round win against St Kilda.

Reacting in a calm & measured way, the Flagmantle man took a sheet of sandpaper to his “FLAGMANTLE” thigh tatt and rubbed that skin red raw until there was no traces of the mistakes of the past. He told The Times,

“It’s over. Another fkn season of fkn dissapointment. Fuck this shit I’m done. I’ve given so much of my life to this fkn team and they can’t even win a round 1 game away. Piss off”

The man went onto to say that he’ll be waitinf for Fyfe to get home as he’s currently parked outside his house. Adding,

“Fyfe is a goner. Don’t even get me started about our forward line. I’ll make sure they feel the full fury of this round 1 angst. I feel like I am a walking, talking The West article”

West Coast supporters feel rather let down. Not because Freo lost but because they couldn’t even be half as vitriolic towards The Dockers as their own fan base.

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