Aussie Tourists Livid After Bali Authorities Ask Them to Show Some Basic Human Decency

Balinese authorities have created quite a stir in the Aussie tourist scene after starting a campaign aimed at stopping them from acting like a pack of Bintang-baboons while holidaying on the island. 

Many in South Bali (Rockingham) are calling the measures a complete overreach. Saying they should be permitted to recklessly hoon around on a scooter with no helmet and wear micro-bikinis to sacred sites. A seasoned Bali campaigner told The Times,

“Respect the local people and culture? Get farkkkkedcunt. You tryoooinnnning to tell me what to do on me holiday? And why cant the misso wear her g banger at the temple? I wouldn’t give a fark if a Balinese man wore cockjocks at Bunnings”

Another punter took a more diplomatic approach. Agreeing that wearing a helmet is essentially a “good thing” but didn’t feel the need to rein in his desire to drink until he pissed himself. Adding,

“I’m not going all the way to bloody Bali if I can’t get fuckeyed on piss and shroom shakes mate. If you take away my right to annihilate myself until I pass out in a pool of my own bodily fluids I’ll just go to Northbridge”

Similarly, a West Aussie “influencer” has said she will not stop wearing bikinis at sacred sites. She told The Times,

“Um I am giving them so much exposure and I think they really need to appreciate that. I would charge a Perth restaurant like 500 bucks for that kind of awareness. They really should be paying me to do my photoshoots at their sacred sites”

Finally, Sharleen from Baldivis said she was unconcerned about the “bonk ban” given that her insatiable taste for Balinese surfer boys far outweighed her fear of prison. 

Good luck Bali, you’re going to need it. 

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