REVEALED: WA Lured Foo Fighters With Promise Of Coldplay Tickets, WA’s Most Exclusive Currency

One might be wondering why The Foo Fighters chose to kick off their tour in sunny old Perth. Well, it can now be revealed that one of Marko’s last acts as Premier was to make the band an offer they couldn’t refuse.

A source close to the band said that the WA Government reached out to the iconic rockers and said there was a little “something something” extra for them if they agreed to come to Perth first. Adding,

“At first, WA offered them some FMG shares but ultimately had to play hardball. As soon as Dave Grohl could get his hands on WA’s most exclusive currency he instantly agreed. Coldplay in Perth, everyone’s talking about it”

Dave couldn’t believe the offer at first. Telling The Times,

“I was in the e-queue just like everyone else last month. Imagine seeing Coldplay live in Perth. That’s some bucket list shit, man. Unfortunately, I missed out but your boy McGowan sorted me out. I’m still in shock, y’all would kill for one of these golden tickets”

A source from within the Government confirmed the rumours but made it clear that Coldplay tickets were only to be given out to get major deals across the line. Adding,

“Please don’t petition the Government to use Coldplay tickets to lure skilled workers to help our ailing health system. Let’s be clear, Coldplay tickets are the most valuable thing we have as a State”

It’s unclear whether Coldplay were also given tickets to the Foo Fighters with almost everyone who doesn’t live with 10 cats agreeing it would be a better deal. 

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