Halloween decoration outrage to momentarily replace early X-Mas decoration outrage in WA

Community FB admins are enjoying a welcome relief from their outrage campaigns about X-Mas shit being available in mid-October. With the anti-Halloween sentiment in full swing. 

For better or worse, Halloween is increasingly becoming a “thing” in Australia and some people are absolutely fumin’ about it. We spoke to Carrissa who has spent her year campaigning against her local Big W’s X-Mas display. She told The Times,

“I never taught my children impulse control so I blame the world around me for getting them into a frenzy over lollies of gifts. Halloween is AMERICAN SHIT! Why must I look at it every time I go to buy 30 blocks of Diet Coke?”

In fact, in a local SOR community group, there hasn’t been one whinge about early X-Mas commercialisation for several days. It has all been about the encroachment of Halloween into Australian culture. We spoke to Bob who told The Times,

“I haven’t even thought about how much it pisses me off that I have to see X-Mas trees in October ha ha. Instead, I just rant about my local cafe doing spooky green icing on its pastries. Someone’s gotta do it”

Indeed, Bob is well suited to the task. In fact, his doctor has ordered him to stay away from Woolies over his rising blood pressure brought on by the presence of off-season hot cross buns. So you can only imagine what skeletons & ghouls trigger in him.

The Halloween decoration outrage is expected to last for another two weeks at which point the “X-Mas carols in November” clusterufck is expected to storm out the gates to be the new point of contention for people who have nothing going on in their lives. 

We wish everyone so affected by the decorations a speedy recovery and a pleasant whinge-fest. 

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