Heartbreak: famished man relegated to the waiting bay

At approximately 12:30 this afternoon, Perth man Todd was given the news that he was dreading most. After a 5 minute wait at the 2nd window at KFC, he was informed that he’d have to continue waiting in one of the bays provided.

The famished, slightly hungover man gently sobbed after several minutes of anguished howling as he fought his fate. Even pleading with the young worker in the window to just let him stay in the drive through. Alas, no dice. He told The Times,

“When you’re at the window there is hope. Your zinger box will be 1 maybe 2 minutes tops but in the bay you could be waiting for anywhere between 5 minutes and 4 weeks. It wasn’t the news I wanted to hear mate”

The drivethrough manager who made the executive call said she never took the decision to cast someone out into the bay of discontent lightly. Adding,

“No one likes heading to the bay but then again no one likes old chips. I made a decicion that this man was going to get the finest KFC chips we could muster and unfortunately that comes with some sacrifices”

Not only was Todd waiting on a fresh batch of fries but the inexperienced kitchen hand dropped his first Zinger burger. Having to restart the crispy dance while Todd grew increasingly distressed in the bay. Todd told us,

“Every second felt like an eternity. I even started looking through my car for any snacks to keep my spirits up. I found some wicked wing crumbs in my centre console I’m not proud to admit it but I nibbled on one”

After 6 minutes in the bay, Todd’s zinger box was delivered to him. He told the young worker that if they were a minute later than he may have succumbed to his hangover. We can happily report that Todd made a full recovery and is currently wondering why tf he just did that to his body given he’s now feeling greasier than the grinding guy on the Metros Freo dancefloor.

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