Perth bloke bombarding feed with Euro pics hasn’t posted any from Ibiza for some reason…

Family & friends of a Perth man on a Euro trip are perplexed at the digital blackspot surrounding his 3 days on the Spanish party island of Ibiza. 

It seems that the man had averaged at least 5 Instagram feed posts, 38 reels & TikToks and entire photo albums on FB for every other city he went to. However, his Ibiza trip is practically undocumented. 

Save for one photo of the lad wearing sunglasses in the nighttime that he was tagged in by a travel acquaintance that popped up on his FB. A concerned Aunt told The Times,

“We were concerned that something happened to our beloved Billy in Ibiza. No photos? He has been unrelenting in posting photos. Then we saw the sunglasses at night pic and figured he may have suffered eye damage while he was there? I was very concerned”

We managed to get hold of Billy after he’d moved on to the Greek Islands and asked whether his pupils were feeling less stressed. He told The Times,

“Um yeah, eye damage, that’s it. Too much sun if you catch my drift. I didn’t want to post photos that would concern my friends & family given the obvious strain my pupils were under. Let’s just say I lost sleep over the thought…”

We understand his parents were convinced of his story given the fact he rang home to request some extra cash 2 times while on the Spanish island. His dad told The Times,

“I told him to put in an insurance claim immediately for medical costs. My poor son, lord only knows what his pupils have gone through on that island. Too much sun he tells me. To be honest, I think it’s more to do with the stress of not sleeping for 3 days, worrying about his insurance claim!”

A source close to Billy said the man was pretty serious about the radio silence from Ibiza. Even going as far as to threaten him if he posted a single photo. He told The Times,

“Billy looked like Golem the whole trip. Fiending after his precious ping-rings. He said if a single photo goes up he’ll tell my long term GF back home that a German backpacker shelved me a pinga with her tongue”

We understand Billy’s relentless Euro trip posting will resume soon. Now that his eyes have recovered. 

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