BREAKING: Bunbury Farmers Market Braces For Impact

Serious concerns for Bunbury Farmers Markets have been raised after hordes of wander out yonderers seized their opportunity to head Douth for the Easter long weekend aka the dressed rehearsal before the X-Mas slaughter.

Bunbury residents are advised to give themselves an extra 4 hours if they intend to run any local errands as the roads will be blocked up like a baker’s colon during a Metamucil shortage.

Staff on shift have been advised to “go to their happy place” while more weathered employees know there “isn’t enough lube in the world” for the rogering they are going to be copping.

Staff will bear the familiar burden of having to convince Dex, Morana and their little family of entitlings to not man handle all of the fresh produce while loudly demanding discounts for the subsequent bruising.

It is believed that visitors from Perth fall into a deep existential panic as they exit the metro area and suddenly think there isn’t a single shop open south of Bunbury.

Their only choice is to join the grocery battle royal at the markets an throw elbows at any pensioner, woman or child that dare get between you and the last pack of lamb chops.

To make matters worse, younger families baptised in the waters of Instagram find it near on impossible to pass any farmers market without violently orgasming at the thought of a fresh produce selfie.

On the plus side, locals should be treated to some car park biffo as tensions boil over from Perth holiday makers who have already been stuck in traffic all morning. After all, redlining your twin turbo internal-rage engine it’s the corner stone to any good Douth holiday.

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