Kalgoorlie Skimpy Retires After One Night Of Lotto Syndicates Partying

Despite not being a beneficiary to the $63M lotto win, a Kalgoorlie barmaid was able to enter into early retirement on the night the massive win was announced. 

After just half an hour of working, Mia had enough for a deposit on a house. By the 2 hour mark, she had enough to buy a house and by the end of her shift, she could “comfortably” retire at the tender age of 27. 

She told The Bell Tower Times,

“I’d never seen so many pineapples flying around. There was a real buzz in the air. In fact, it was probably the most rapid redistribution of wealth I’d ever seen, and I’ve worked several Diggers & Dealers conferences”

We spoke to Pikey who can’t recall exactly how much he tipped to Mia but does remember not giving a shit. Telling us, 

“DILLIGAF BROTHER, I was making it rain. I’ve got like $250k coming my way, that makes me a millionaire, you know us millionaires just live off interest right? So I was tipping Mia money that will just grow back in my account ay ahaha, yewwwwww”

Indeed, he wasn’t the only one who didn’t mind splashing a bit of cash. With several other skimpy barmaids making enough to afford a small island. 

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A punter who wished to remain anonymous tipped Mia his Maloo ute after finding out the ticket he went fourths in won. He explained his generosity,

“You have any idea how much I’m worth now? Me Maloo was me retirement plan, I reckon I could’ve cashed her in for at least a million but what do I need that for now, I’m fully loaded. I think she was pretty surprised”

While he may be overestimating how far $62k will stretch, there can be no denying the enjoyment he got when Mia agreed to take a selfie with him next to his ute. “Worth it”, he reckons. 

On top of the ute and cold hard cash, Mia also got tipped two tenements and a metal detector. With the old cobber saying, 

“my uncle said he’d give me $10k, so the hard yards are over for me, so I reckon I’d let a young, veeeeerrry fit, lady go after all that gold if she wanted to”

As for Mia, she took a bit of a hit after investing in a tank of fuel so she’s considering coming out of retirement for one night only. While the Kalgoorlie party is still raging. 

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