Mystery WA Powerball winner outs himself after being spotted filling up a full tank of diesel

A regional WA man has inadvertently outed himself as the winner of a large chunk of the $160M Powerball after an egregious display of wealth at a servo this morning. 

A witness who pulled up alongside the man said he didn’t even “triple check” what he was seeing on the bowser was the correct price. He then proceeded to fill his empty tank up to the brim. Adding,

“2.40 and didn’t blink an eyelid. Do you know what’s crazier? He even had a smile while doing it! Smiling while getting absolutely reamed like that! I knew that I’d found the winner”

Indeed, the man continued to raise eyebrows as he entered the servo and picked a bunch of items that didn’t fall inside the savings-bubble of a 2fa deal. A witness who was hunting for the best combo deal on energy drinks told The Times,

“What can you say about a man who doesn’t check the individual prices of items at a servo? Just grabbing what he liked? I’ll tell you what. A millionaire”

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Clearly, the man was failing to hide his bank-busting secret from the masses. After leaving the servo he was seen “giving it some” on his way to whatever fancy millionaire function he was off to. A witness told The Times,

“Pedal to the metal. In this economy? You’ve got to be kidding me! Diesel soot as far as the eyes can see. You’ve got to understand we’ve see this bloke around all the time, we always thought he owned 1 t-shirt and guess what he was in today, a different t-shirt. Think about it”

Investigations are ongoing but the man is being urged to wait for his money to actually come in before he goes and blows it all on another tank of diesel, 600ml Coke, Crunchie, and a Magnum again. 

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