Logan Paul Moves Meet & Greet from Midvale Woolies to The Boatshed After Safety Concerns

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, a UFC sports drink themed meet & greet in Perth’s eastern suburb of Midvale raised safety concerns for all involved.

Accordingly, Logan Paul’s team has decided to move the event to a location that will attract a crowd that Paul could actually defend himself against – The Boatshed in Cottesloe. A source close to Logan’s camp told The Times,

Cottesloe is more in line with his true fan base. Idiots with too much money who seem to want to lose it. Plus if he can go a few staged rounds against Mayweather he could flog Sir William the 2nd from the Golden Triangle”

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WA Police have expressed concerns over the move however. Citing that if tings get out of control then they face a far higher risk of daddy sueing them if a finger is laid on their kid. A spokesperson told The Times,

It’s a much softer but much more litigious fan base. Obviously Logan was going to get rolled in Midvale so he’s fled to the GT. We understand his motivations but maintain that we hate enforcing the law in lawyer country”

Their concerns may be valid, after Logans 50 strong WA fan base vowed to follow their leader wherever he went. Things could get seriously spicy in Cottesloe.

Nevertheless, police will allow the event to proceed provided there is a checkpoint established at Cott traino to stop any red shoes entering the suburb.

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