Logan Paul’s Management Commended For Accurately Identifying The Heartland of Perth Wannabe UFC Nuffies

While some assume that Logan Paul’s management simply launched a dart at a map of Perth to determine the site of the meet & greet, others have praised their hardwork in correctly identifying the heartland of Perth UFC wannabes: Midvale. 

Paul is in town with fellow YouTuber KSI to plug sugary shit in a bottle they call Prime energy drink – the official energy drink of the UFC. So naturally, the turnout expected on the day can be expected to have a UFC tough guy kinda feel to it.  Expect plenty of Tap Out, speed dealers and knuckles facing forward – the holy trinity of the guy staring you down while you try to enjoy a drink.

Naturally, Midland pub car park would have been a more classic choice but the fact they got so close speaks wonders of the team’s resourcefulness. We spoke to a Midvale UFC fan who was relieved he didn’t have to catch the Midland line to go see the duo. Adding,

“I’m obviously a finely tuned machine and that but even I try to avoid the Midland line when possible. Can’t wait to see Logan gonna ask him if he thinks my new roundhouse kick is cool”

His team would’ve got similar praise if they had arranged the meet & greet in Rockingham, Ellenbrook or Mandurah. Nevertheless, good work should be called out.

Logan is expected to do a quick meet & greet before making his way to Karrakatta Cemetery to see if he can find any content to record. 

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