RHCP To Dedicate “Under The Bridge” To All The Trucks That Have Struggled Under Baysie Over The Years

A source close to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers has confirmed frontman Anthony Kiedis has taken a particular interest in all the lost mechanical souls that reminded him of himself – feeling stuck under a bridge with no clear path to move on. 

Accordingly, the band is tipped to dedicate a tribute to all the trucks that have struggled under Bayswater Bridge over the years during their concert at Optus Stadium over the weekend. A source close to the energetic lead singer told The Times,

“Anthony wants all those trucks to know that he hears them and understands their struggle. It can be a lonely place under a bridge and he has the perfect song to reach them. He got the idea after one of his chauffeurs pointed out the infamous Perth bridge / institution”

We tracked down a Perth truck driver that was moved by the rumour. Wiping some droplets of Dare from his chin he told The Times,

“We just cop shit for incompetence but how am I meant to know how high my truck is? Have they even done tests to check the height of the bridge? Why isn’t there a 5th or 6th warning sign? At least The RHCP listens and understand us”

So interested in the plight of the Perth truck driver, Keidis is also using their hit song “Can’t Stop” as a warning to future truck drivers that the Baysie Bridge is very much meant to be a thoroughfare. The source continued, 

“Anthony thinks that’s a nice metaphor you know. He just wants trucks to know that you just have to keep going and the consequences of stopping when you really shouldn’t”

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