Maccas releases a choking warning with its new range of adult Happy Meal toys

Mcdonald’s has urged adults seeking out their new Happy Meal range from tomorrow to PLEASE use the toys as instructed.

A spokesperson for Mcdonald’s said they had “issues” with the adult happy meal toy rollout in the states with many people using the 12-inch Grimacebrator toy erroneously. Adding,

“Please use the Grimacebrator as it was intended. It is a solid unit and there is a decent chance of choking if you try to put it in your mouth during one of your OF shoots. We don’t even get why people do that, it’s not a real one but hey go and suck on things that won’t expose our company to liability”

We spoke to a degenerate who said he couldn’t wait to wrap his laughing gear around the new offerings from Maccas. Adding,

“Finally, an adult-themed happy meal toy for us discerning adults. Look at the grith, I can’t wait to have a go on that. Can you believe they don’t give away any sachets of lube with the meal? 30c each! Outrageous”

Choking hazards and embarrassing ED visits aside, the McDonald staff say they have been put on notice that mixing up the kids & adult Happy Meal toys will be heavily frowned upon.

We tracked down a woman in the US who said she was livid that her son was given a Grimace buttplug last year. Adding,

“Why does he get all the fun? All I got was some lame toy that was totally unsuitable for insertion. McDonalds really needs to make sure the right toy gets to the right customer!”

Very true. You can get to work destroying your holes from tomorrow.

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