SOR man yearns to one day have a reason to take the Cranford Ave Freeway exit

A born & bred Bull Creekian has driven down the Kwinana Freeway more times than he dares count. Each time, yearning that he could one day take full advantage of the convenience of that naughty little Cranford Ave exit.

Alas, he really has no business in Brentwood and he isn’t alone. Especially given Brentwood is the red haired stepchild of the “Golden Circle” – SORs premier suburbs which include the likes of Applecross, Salter Point, Mount Pleasant and Rossmoyne. He told The Times,

“Must be nice ay, must be real nice, I don’t know why but traffic always seems 100% worse after Cranford Ave and all those weird Brentwoodians get to sail home and miss the filth that is to come. Why did that shithole suburb get it’s own Freeway entry and exit?”

It’s a fair question and some traffic nerd types might try to tell you it has something to do with taking the load off Leach Highway. However, some people have their own theories.

We spoke to a Mount Pleasant resident who has the choice of Cranford or Canning. He said that it was one of the biggest rorts in the game. Adding,

“Mate, Cranford Ave pretty much goes to a someone’s driveway. You can’t tell me there isn’t some funny business at play. I ain’t complaining though, great little amenity even if it is in Plebwood”

Not everyone finds the turnoff to be redundant for their purposes however. We spoke to a Rossmoyne resident who said he used Cranford Ave to avoid window washers at the Leach Highway exit. Adding,

“I talk a big game but I am really a massive coward. So I go down Cranford onto Pulo and turn onto Leach just so I don’t have to nod politely at some lads trying to make a buck. My wife can’t stand the sight of me”

Food for thought.

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