Man returning to the Perth CBD early this week notices no difference in city liveliness

CBD worker Dave has decided to “take one for the team” and head into work during the first week back to man the fort.

While workers from other capital cities face walking into a ghost town, Dave has noticed no difference at all in the general vibe, energy & liveliness of the Perth CBD. Adding,

“Yeah, classic Perth CBD really. I thought everyone had come back today. It’s actually pretty hard to tell if I’m honest”

Dave wasn’t even shocked to see eateries not yet open, musing that even during a normal working week in Perth that’s a fairly common sight.

He did note a slightly more pungent smell of urine in the air though. Something he attributes to the skyworks. He told The Times,

“Yeah, you can really smell it. It’s not that bad because the St Georges Terrace wind tunnel just blows it all down towards East Perth. That’s probably the most exciting thing going on today, piss blowing in the breeze, I call it the Central Pissniss District”

We tracked down another worker who decided to roll into work today and they said they confused Perth with downtown New York after seeing a group of 3 businessmen stroll down the street in unison. Adding,

“Wow, I thought, what a crazy hustle & bustle we have. I was worried it would feel a bit creepy and quiet today but then I remembered that’s the reason I fell in love with working in the CBD to begin with! Never change”

Both workers are told to brace themselves for when the other 35 people rock up to the CBD on Monday.

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