Man who just escaped Passport Office line settles in for new life in the DoT licensing centre line

Perth man Robert has only just freed himself from the shackles of the Passport Office line only to receive a text from Optus that his driver’s licence number has been compromised. 

Nevertheless, Robert knows a new clusterfuck is a new opportunity and has prepared to settle in for a life in the DoT line for the next couple of months. Remaining optimistic he told The Times,

“Truth be told, those months spent in the Passport Office line were character building. Sure I never actually go to get away on the holiday I’d booked but I did meet my wife in the line. Now I guess I’ll be a DoT queuer now. Lines looking big as hell too”

Now, even in normal circumstances, one can find themselves losing precious time waiting for their number to be called at the DoT. So with the extra pressure of people rushing to get a new driver’s licence, the situation has been described as “apocalyptic”.

Robert does have some issues with his new life though. It turns out he hadn’t been to a DoT in some time and only just realised his beloved centre on Leach & Stock had sadly perished. He told The Times,

“Yeah, I arrived half an hour before opening to see that it was gone. It’s the DoT of my childhood. I learned to drive here, got my license here, and honestly, it’s the DoT line where I wanted to raise my kids in. You can’t have it all I suppose”

Indeed you can’t. Robert has expressed his desire to “hopefully” be out of the DoT line before the opening of the American fast food chain Wendy’s opens in Perth. Adding,

“Yeah that’ll be a good line and one I hope to be a part of. I am not optimistic. I think the latest wait times at the DoT were 5.5 years. So it could be tight”

Optus has sent out a reminder to all customers waiting for fresh driver’s licences that if they exceed their data limit in the line, they’ll be required to pay an additional $10 for each extra GB used. That hasn’t changed. Cheers Optus. 

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