Optus blames copy of Limewire downloaded to head office computer in 2006 for data breach

Optus has come out strongly against the actions of a “rogue” employee’s kid who got bored waiting around his father’s office and downloaded a copy of Limewire in 2003. 

It is alleged that the program “ran an absolute train” on the IT systems and Limewire’s finest malware found a home in every nook & cranny of their computing systems. 

An IT specialist assisting the investigation told The Times, 

“Our best guess is the kid downloaded limpbizkitnookie.exe and opened that bad boy right up. It essentially decimated the systems and I assume they thought they got it all but you’ll never get it all. Not with Limewire. That’s what set them apart”

Other specialists are sceptical of the excuse. Saying that while Limewire certainly “packed the hardware” to land such a blow it is unlikely the system would still be compromised so many years later. With one telling The Times,

“Optus ever heard of upgrading their shit? To be honest, as unlikely as it is, if there was a company to get rinsed by Limewire it’d be Optus. I suppose it’s possible”

We tracked down the alleged perpetrator of the download who is now a fully grown man. He told The Times,

“Oh yeah, I absolutely cooked that computer. Should’ve seen all the pop-ups. It was some of my finest work. I did the same to our home computer a week earlier and dad has only just forgiven me”

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