WA parents warn misbehaving kid they’ll stick a creepy Moscow Circus clown outside his window if he doesn’t pull his head in

A couple of WA parents have found a novel way to ensure their bratty, bucktoothed crotch goblin behaves – by threatening to place a grim spectre of torment in their front yard if he doesn’t pull his head in. 

Graham is young and has an obvious fear of creepy, inflatable clowns. He has also been biting kids at school and chucking a huge tanty when his Fortnite time comes to an end each evening. 

We spoke to the architect of the threat, his mother, who told The Times,

“We get 10 free circus tickets out of it. That’s the best part. He’s traumatised by this nightmarish inflatable figure and he doesn’t even get to go to the circus! Maybe now you’ll eat your veggies you little shit”

Alas, Graham’s father isn’t fully convinced on the punishment. Telling The Times,

“Between you and me, having that cunnova dog outside my house will freak me out too. Sure the boy needs a kick up the arse but at my expense? I also don’t want to be considered one of those people who do this kind of thing. I have some dignity, I suppose”

Graham’s mum rebuked her husband’s comments. Adding,

“No he doesn’t. He wears his filthy Bunnings Trade hoody out to Sunday brunch and drives a Nissan Pulsar. Don’t listen to him. The dignity train has sailed. We may as well be inflatable clown people if it serves a purpose”

By all accounts, the boy has promised to behave. Well done team.