Margot Robbie starstruck after meeting Spud King at Gin launch

Margot Robbie is still recovering from a brush with fame during her recent trip to Perth to launch her Gin company.

During the event, the Hollywood superstar was speechless after realising she was in the same building as Perth’s own Spud King – Tony Galati.

We spoke to an insider who attended the gin launch who said you could hear Margot’s jaw drop. Adding,

“She told him that she’s seen all his spud catalogues and personally couldn’t wait to get back to the Spearwood store to check out that random aisle of cheap business shirts. She begged him for an autograph”

Another witness said that Galati was happy to meet with the superfan even though he was trying to keep a low profile.

“Galati was keeping a low profile, he was in jeans and a polo rather than his signature look. You have to understand, he was in a different setting and didn’t have the spud boys around to protect him. You have to take care as a king”

Speaking to The Times, an insider who wanted to remain anonymous said that Margot even asked for a selfie with the potato baron but was denied over safety concerns. Adding,

“It may seem like a cheeky selfie but she’s obviously going to upload that one immediately to her socials and then you’ve got Cottesloe on lockdown. Sadly, she was denied the selfie”

While not having any photographic proof of the encounter you can bet that Margot is telling anyone who will listen about her chance meeting with royalty.

You’re a lucky girl Margot.

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