Mining CEO rewards scheming executive with a “special assignment” to St Petersburg

An overambitious and scheming mining executive has expressed concerns after hearing he was assigned a “special assignment” in St Petersburg to leave immediately on a privately chartered flight.

Slowly packing his bags, the mining executive told The Times,

“I know the board wanted us to look at some of the mining equipment in Russia given its durability in extremely harsh conditions. I’m just wondering why now? Has it got anything to do with all the backstabbing I’ve been doing around here?”

A member of the board who had been meeting with the executive said he was also concerned about the timing. Adding,

“It’s a pretty badly kept secret that he wants the top job. He’s insubordinate during meetings and even lead a push to drink some of the CEO’s private stash of good wine for important meetings. That really pissed the big dog off”

We spoke to the CEO who assured us that the assignment and flight would be a “short one”. Adding,

“He’s just the right man for the job. That’s all. Dirty little Prigozhin. Do you know he’s been having secret meetings with the board? Ah well, I think he’ll get some perspective in Russia, if you know what I mean?”

Yikes. The smart money is not getting on that plane, bud.

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